Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We here at Curoscience consider our readers to be of paramount importance. We recognize the necessity of respecting your privacy, intrinsically we might wish to take a while out and tell how we protect your personal information. Rest assured, we’ll never have the inclination to sell your information to any outside parties.

Personally Provided Information

When you, the user, access our website, we are required to watch or log several sorts of data. These may include but aren’t limited to: IP Address, Your name, ISP, Location, Browser used to open the website , the time you stayed on the website, which articles or pages you opened, and, the other information that we are legally required to get . Rest assured, every website within the world does this, some sites will mention this once you open them, others won’t. we’ve a legal obligation to abide by this regulation. we’ll never sell, rent, or otherwise release your personal information to outside parties outside of Curoscience.

How Your Cookies help In Showing Advertisements

Curoscience uses third party advertisements to support the company’s monthly costs. These advertisements may use certain technologies like your cookies, cookies in turn are what gives the advertisement information on what types of ads to show you.
These advertising companies may use information (None of which will disclose anything that will identify you; email address or your name) regarding your visiting habits to your browsing history as to be able to give you meaningful advertisements for goods and/or services that could be of interest to you.
If you would like to find out more about how this works, while also making yourself aware of your choices and need to not have your personal information employed by these companies you are very welcome to share your concerns with us at this email: