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The Bride Under Construction

It was a casual kind of day. I took my cup of tea and jumped to get fixed on the sofa seat right in front of the television. It was 7o’ clock and I had to follow my daily television drama routine. I know, most of the time they are super lame but we have to admit that we all are super addicted to them. Well, as I turned the TV on, the screen showed up the first scene of the first episode of a new daily soap.

A reasonable pretty looking girl was all dressed up, holding a tray and walking towards the lounge where some decent young ladies were waiting for her for some rishta purpose. They all judged her on her looks, on her height, and on her lean figure. I immediately turned the TV off. I felt uncomfortable and hurt. Being a girl, I can understand how distressing was that. Overall, I felt sad, not for the girl but for the sick mentality we people are nourishing in our minds.

Living in Pakistan, we deal with a multicultural society. Every city, area, street, and even every cast has its own independent values. But getting a so-called “perfect bride” for the sons and brothers is the ultimate goal of living. For this purpose egos, self-respect and confidence of many young ladies are shattered with this constant pressure of being a perfect bride. Each and every girl is judged with the same parameters, her looks, her cooks, her height, her color, and all such super facial standards. If everybody wants a perfectly good looking, tall, highly educated, makeup artist and model bride that cooks like a chef but is also well mannered soft-spoken for their dumb-looking sons, then what will happen to the average looking, short height, lean, can’t cook only burn and careless type of girls. Does this allow others to come and judge on the basis of their flaws, for which they don’t even have their control over??

Allah Almighty has created everything with perfection. It’s his blessing that He has bestowed some with one or two or more good features but comparing them with others and judging them is just a serious crime. Those who don’t have a perfect physical appearance have no control over their color or height etc. I admit, self-grooming is essential but this can be grown in a person with time.

And to be honest, as per society’s ongoing mentality on the so-called “perfect bride”, they are not gifted with the capability to shelter the blessed daughters of others in their homes. Nothing can make them happy and no one can fulfill their super facial demands.

Whatsoever, if they are allowed to construct a perfect bride for themselves, they’ll still remain unsatisfied.


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