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Motherhood, A Struggle & A Blessing

I still remember the day I held her for the very first time. I couldn’t stop crying. I still don’t know why, probably the hormones. I couldn’t believe the amount of love bubbling inside me after seeing her wrapped in the blanket. I felt the luckiest in this world, especially after a complicated pregnancy. Judge me if you want to, but I secretly didn’t want to give her to anyone else, not even his father. But as time passed I realized that its not just a bed of roses. Not at all.

Parenthood, as said by everyone, is a blessing. Especially, being a mother is nature’s best gift. No act of thanksgiving can do justice with this beautiful present of Allah Almighty. Everybody tries his level best to elucidate the new mother that what she has now is the most unique. But nobody ever prepares her for the hurdles to come. I have usually heard with an annoying smile, “oh she is new, she will learn by herself slowly”. Yeah, new moms do learn with time but why don’t the experienced people just make their journey a bit easier.

Mothers are not super heroes. It is injected in our minds that they have to have some super natural powers. They are a normal living creatures just like everybody. They inhale as everyone and exhale like all.

Being a new mother is like having a roller coaster ride, where you don’t stop at any point. One day everything goes smooth and the next day you go through all the crests and troughs. Every day is a new challenge. You have to deal with the baby tantrums all the time. Sometimes their oozing diapers make you want to puke but you have to deal with them. Either they are teething or having diarrhea, their filthy diapers can make you change their clothes, your clothes, and in the worst case all the bedsheets. They catch infections very easily band their spiking temperature gives you cold chills. They sleep all day, but when it’s your time to sleep they get active and all happy and want to play like never before. Being a mother of a toddler it’s your obligation to say goodbye to your sleep for the next sweet 10 years. Sarcastically, the more sleepless, the better the mother. You can’t finish your food.  Your finances go out of the way. One day these babies want to eat one thing and the other day you cook a big whole tower of dishes and they don’t like even a thing. And the struggle goes on…. It’s not easy.

Despite having your spouse’s assistance all your family’s support, motherhood is tiring. It is nerve-wracking. Some times you just want to hide somewhere and take a long sleep. Some times its breaking you. You just want to sit in a corner alone and cry your heart out. Some times you just want to run away from all these responsibilities. You just want to use your supernatural power of being a superhero, and to get invisible. Some times you just want to be single again to sit in the bed along with a cup of tea and a book in your hand and having plenty of time to read it.

It’s okay to feel tired and grumpy some times. It’s alright to complain about the daily struggles you have to face in parenting. It’s fine to feel stressed. It’s normal to want to cry. Its all well to feel irritated and annoyed.

After the whole tough day, when you see your sleeping child’s calm face at night, it brings a deep smile on your face and you think that it’s all worth it. Shout out to new mothers!


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