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Hang The Rapist – Break The Silence To Stop The Violence

Eve, O Eve…! Your daughters grieve

Their head-wraps today, easy to reave


Helpless, broken and frightened; Left to mourn

Compelled, enforced and threatened; Raped yet torn


The breaths strangle, The souls bleed

Getting bashed blatantly, Owing to a maniac’s greed


But, sobbing along victim; Soon we forget

Making more strong, our power to neglect


With utmost convenience, We brush subject off

Until, squeezing the hearts; Another tale comes off


Knots are tight, Waiting to get loose

Enough we’ve tolerated, This human misuse


Break the chains, Do not assist

Ring the bells, Hang the Rapist


Dedicated to the victim of Lahore Motorway Incident. We stand by you for justice.


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