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A Day With My Glasses – Watch My Struggle

Glasses? Well! Yes. Glasses. You might have heard these words, and probably said to a good many people too. I heard the same, somewhat 7 years ago. Well, I am used to it now.

My day started as the clock struck 10.20 am to be exact and I opened my eyes. Followed the same routine after getting up, as we all do. Freshening up and then rushing straight to the kitchen for breakfast. But wait … where the hell are my glasses?

Did I forget to mention the most important piece of my personality? Yes, those are my eyes. My Glasses.

The struggle with the glasses is so real. You don’t believe that? You surely will, after getting a little inside of my routine.

So where was I? Breakfast. I lifted the lid of the kettle to pour a piping hot cup of tea, and my glasses get the mist too. And then there comes the hardship to clean up both, the kitchen and my glasses.
Somehow, the clock struck 12pm. I had to go for groceries. Because of the corona season, the mask is a compulsion. After wearing a mask with a hijab, I lastly put my glasses on. But wait .. what? My glasses get misty again. Those who wear glasses with a mask will surely understand my pain here. After almost 2 hours, I was done with the groceries. As I took my way back home, the rain started pouring. And then, here comes the biggest of my struggles. My glasses get wet again.

The clock ticked rapidly and struck at 5 pm. My moments of excitement were slowly approaching. A wedding (Baraat) ceremony to attend. Like every girl, I thought of getting ready with all the glitz n glam, with all the makeup n touchups, and a perfect cat-liner to seal the deal. Nice, but how to put that on? B’coz can’t apply eyeliner with my glasses on and can’t see my eyelids with my glasses off, to put the liner on.

Pro tip: Find someone generous enough to do that liner business for you. And if not, then cry your heart out for not being able to create your imaginary slaying seductive shaadi (wedding) look. But wait… Before you cry, put your glasses aside, because they do get wet again n again. And the consequences it brings are really hard to bear i.e to decide what to wipe first? The nose, or the glasses?

Okay, I had to be a bit compromising, so I decided to just half-slay that night. I totally had to wear my glasses to keep in a clear cut sight of a safe spot when needed, hiding from the Aunties. They do make you feel like prey, right? Though, when the bad luck strikes, you do get in way of one of them. The same thing happened to my innocent being too. Maham, Anam, Sanam, Jasmine, Kabeer, and I were in an awkward staring contest. Standing and staring at each other from the opposite sides of these glasses. But Aunty Parveen definitely got some guts and exclaimed, “Beta! You wearing glasses? In shaadi (marriage)?”

I smiled, exhaling a cold sigh. I thought that I was finally free to flee to my safe corner, but guess I was wrong. Well, as she approached to give a smooch on the side of my forehead, grabbing my head with her hand and smashing everything in between, I barely protected my ultimate asset i.e my glasses.
Finally, it was 10 pm. Shaadi (marriage) shenanigans over and everyone on their way back home. We too. But got stuck in a bad traffic jam. A gridlock that was. I started sweating badly. A drop of sweat crept on the rim of my glasses too. And then, my glasses get wet again. It was difficult to decide what to sweep first. The sweat? Or the glasses?

By 1 am, I was drooling with my mouth wide open. I don’t remember the events after that clearly. Hmm .. can’t seem to decide, whether I was sleepy or were my glasses off? Well, things aren’t much clear in both cases.

After last night, I forgot where the hell did I put my glasses. I guess I’m gonna have to eat the almonds first to remember that. But then, I again need my glasses to search for the almonds too. What to search first then? The almonds? Or the glasses?
I do have to figure out.


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