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Ways To Lose Weight During Lockdown

During lockdown weight gain is maybe inescapable, and not really the finish of the world. If you
need to adopt a new strategy to losing weight, then re-organizing your nourishment is very
important. By realizing what to and what not to eat, you will augment your efforts attempting to
lose weight. The following tips will help you on your approach to appropriate nutrition and
effective weight reduction.

1. Control portion size

Eating right doesn’t mean eating healthy foods in large portions. Practice portion size control & take nutritious foods to keep yourself active and on track.

2. Take require amount of calories

Without proper nutrition information, calorie counting will be useless to some degree. But if you are consuming high protein, healthy fat, complex carbohydrates, it’ll result in losing pounds when combined with proper physical activity.

3. Do strength training along with cardio exercises

Exercise counts for 20% of your weight loss. Doing strength training at least three times per week is advantageous in accelerating your weight reduction. It’ll help burning calories & ultimately fat loss.

4. Drink lots of water

Keeping your body hydrated is essential for the body’s metabolism to work properly. Drinking plenty of water can cause you to feel fuller and hydrate your cells & skin. Water is likewise an extraordinary way to help flush down the surplus sodium within the body.

5. Limit sugars and starches

The most critical part of your eating routine when attempting to lose weight is to cut down sugars (starches). As insulin is responsible for fat storage, its release is stimulated when you eat an excess of sugar. Once you cut down sugars from your diet, insulin release decreases, your body becomes unable to store more fat, causing it to consume more to fuel your body.
Another benefit of cut down your insulin level is that it allows your kidneys to discharge excess sodium and water from your body. Sodium retention causes excess water in the body and ultimately increase in body weight.
Cutting down sugars & starches will result in visible weight loss within weeks.

6. Enhance complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, protein & healthy Fat intake

Replacing refined carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates helps in losing weight.
Secondly, carbohydrates from vegetable sources can give the prescribed amount of grams for each day. Eating vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, swiss chard, yam and fruits like peach, apricots, pear, apple, berries, grapefruit, kiwi provide you with carbohydrates along with variety of micro-nutrients.
Choosing healthy protein sources like tofu, meat, chicken, turkey, eggs, fish (additionally enriched in omega 3) is extremely beneficial. Besides that, taking healthy fats i.e.; fish oil, avocado, olive oil & groundnut oil is must. By developing your daily meal by these components, you assist better boost your metabolism, which ultimately results in losing pounds.

7. Avoid liquid calories

Liquids like juices & sodas can hinder weight loss, as they are high in calories and don’t have satiety properties which may end up in consuming more calories.

8. Rest properly

The body regenerates cells quicker while you’re resting. Torn muscles caused by workout routine will heal down while you are sleeping. Night sleep is additionally helpful for toxin removal from the body as your liver works while you’re resting. 8 – 10 hours of night sleep is suggested for weight loss & healthy living.

Ms. Siddiqui is a dietitian by profession. She is likewise a content creator and writer & enamored with expounding on nourishment, health and well-being in her spare time.


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