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Parental Ages and Risk Of Miscarriages

Miscarriage occurs when the fetus dies within the first trimester or before 20th week of pregnancy. This is very common. Almost 90% of women suffer with them, sometimes without being aware and considering it normal menstruation. Many factors are known which may lead a pregnancy towards a miscarriage. Usually they occur due to genetic defects and fetus’ growth inability. But still some other physiological factors may increase their occurrence.

Parental ages may affect the pregnancy and conceiving in later ages may increase the risk of a miscarriage by many folds.. This includes not only the age of the mother (maternal) but fathers’ age (paternal) is also very significant.

Maternal Age And The Risk Of Miscarriage

A group of researchers established a descriptive study at Center for Fertility and Health at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for maternal age and increased miscarriage risk. The results were:

Women’s Age (years)Percent Risk
45 or older53%

Paternal Age And The Risk Of Miscarriage

A European study published in June 2002 established a relation between father’s age and the  risk of miscarriages. Although maternal age contributes a lot but still aged sperm cells may lead a pregnancy to die before 20 weeks. Paternal age and miscarriage was studied in relation with the maternal age.

 Women’s Age (years)Men’s Age (years)Risk
20-29Whatever it may beLow
30-3440 or moreHigh
35 or more40 or moreHighest


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