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Over-thinking – A Trap Or A Delusion

Are our thoughts trapping us? Every one of us knows better about how our minds are plagued by unwanted and unpleasant thoughts.

In our daily life we come across with different situations. It can be any bad news from newspaper, it may be daily routine hassels or any untoward behaviour against your temperament which you can’t control. Such bad happenings  when pop in our mind  tease and pinch us continuously. We further continue to repeatedly over think them with taped mouths.

We try to control these self created, daily inner sorrows and conflicts at one moment, next moment we falll down in a sneaky pole of overthinking. In such troubles our mind attacks with misinterpreting and over analyzing the thoughts.

For instance, current covid-19 pandemic situation has huge psychological impacts on everyone. Social distancing has made people feel isolated and lonely. This abrupt change world-wide has created in each mind, a huge mountain of not so overwhelming, self created, and over exaggerated thoughts about present and future.

So what we have to do?

What are and will be the circumstances?

May our lives will always be full of troubles?

Will other people behave against our nature?

Mark Twain said, “ Drag your thoughts away from your troubles, by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it”.

So what we do in contrast is we engage ourselves in demoralizing and unrealistic thoughts that end up in unfavourable outcomes. Actually our inner coach commentary undermines our goals.

Most of us think that thoughts are uncontrollable. Good news is: majority is wrong. We absolutely can control our painful, unwanted or counter productive thoughts, if we are armed with right strategies. We need to know that neither our thoughts nor our emotions can determine our behaviour. Our mind is just a passage for thoughts. Problem creates when we try to resist them.

By following these steps we can overcome our negative thoughts trap.

  • Use “if and then technique “. When negative thoughts pop , try convincing yourself that “if thought will come I will ignore it”. Some people manage to exchange that exact destructive thought with the productive one i.e negative with positive.
  • Do meditation and yoga.
  • Self-defeating thoughts come from Shaitan and it controls the minds with weakest connection and trust on Allah. So strong Divine connection helps scale back anxiety and weakens the negative coach.
  • Last and the least, recite “tawwuz” to control evil thoughts.

Be Blessed and Think Blessed!


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