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How To Call For Help To Emergency Respond Centers – Police, Fire brigade, Ambulance Etc.

Emergency helplines and centers are made to provide you support and assisstance in time of need. Each one of us may have faced any untoward situation or any road side incident or someone getting into any emergency scenario. So, its obligatory for each one of us to know how to call for help for ourselves or for others when needed.

Follow me through the article to know some important keypoints.


When you see an accident or God forbid, you get into any, you stay alarmed and alert enough to call for help. If you are calling any ambulance, Rescue department, fire brigade or police from your cell phone you must follow these simple steps.

  1. First of all, inform about the type of accident, for instance, fire or road accident or needing any medical help, etc.
  2. Tell them about your location. Although they may be tracking you through their GPRS but try to be accurate and more precise when telling the place of the accident. Tell any important places nearby so they can reach you easily.
  3. Tell them the number of casualties or victims there. This will help them to know how much assistance and support needs to be sent to the incident place. Inform about how they are affected by that incident. Eg. The person having the roadside accident is heavily bleeding.
  4. Answer accurately and precisely whatever you are asked by them.
  5. Avoid any unnecessary information like who you are, your name, what is your relation with your victim or how the accident took place, what was the cause of the accident, who you blame, etc. You can save such information for the officials to come and ask.
  6. Wait patiently for the help and try not to move from the place of incident.

Silent Calling / Not Safe To Speak

When you are caught in a dangerous situation like kidnapping, snatching, etc, and it’s not safe for you to call and speak to the emergency and rescue departments, there is still a way you can reach out to them. It’s called “Silent Calling“. Many people remain unaware of its existence.

  1. Call the police helplines and remain silent for a couple of seconds.
  2. Then tap continuously in some rhythmic manner, so that they can know it is not a prank call.
  3. Cough if possible. This will help grab their attention.
  4. Give them some time silently on call so that they can trace your exact location.
  5. Dial 55 from your keypad. This is an indication that the calling person might be in danger.


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