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Fainting – First Aid And Management

Fainting is a temporary loss of consciousness and responsiveness. It usually happens after dizziness. This is the result of low blood supply to the brain when the blood pressure of body falls significantly which may be due to dehydration, pain, illness, emotional stress, hunger, fear and any unusual situation.

Getting into this situation or seeing someone fainting, its responsibility of each one of us to know what to do and what not to.

What To Do?

  1. If you see someone fainting, make the person lie on their back on a straight surface, it whether it be ground with hands straight on the sides. If you are fainting yourself then lie yourself and wait for the help to come.

2. Improve the air ventilation around the person, for instance, disperse the crowd around, on a fan, air with a paper. Loosen any tight clothes like belt, shoes socks etc

3. Slightly elevate the legs of the person above the level of the heart. This improves the blood flow towards the heart and helps the person to gain consciousness quickly.

4. Spray some water on the person’s face or slightly tap his face. If possible shake politely.

5. PRO TIP : Apply some pressure at the lacrimal glands of both eyes with the help of finger tips at the same time. This produces an immediate stinging reflex action and the person may open the eyes and become conscious for a few seconds.

6. If nothing works, then immediately call the emergency response centres like rescue 1122 or an ambulance.

What Not To Do?

  • Do not try to open the mouth of a fainted person or stick your fingers in it in a trial to keep it open and to improve air passage.
  • Never force to ingest water or any fluid to a fainted person. This may cause the fluid to get into the air passage and cause air blockage.
  • Try not to panic and response calmly.
  • When come to consciousness, do not move the person immediately, let him rest for a while.

After Treatment:

  • If not hospitalized, the fainted person after gaining alertness should be given any rehydrating solution like ORS (if not hypertensive) or otherwise any fresh fruit juice.
  • Rest is the best treatment. Try to sleep calmly and soundly to relax your body.
  • Take a lot of fluids as fainting comes with a lot of sweat.
  • Take a good protein diet or a broth.


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