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Catching Up With Anxiety – A Positive Approach

It’s 4:00 am in the morning. I have been staring at the night lamp, I don’t know for how long. Gazing at the rays coming out of the lamp have kept me busy for such a long time. The two other beings living in my room are far asleep. Seeing their faces remind me of a word, calmness. Thinking continuously of my next day’s chores have ruined away my calmness. Is that the reason I am awake?  Am I anxious about something? Is this anxiety? Is it bad? Let’s find out.

Anxiety, basically, is our body’s reflex response to a stress situation. It’s our brains own workout to get ourselves prepared for the scenario to come. For instance, the upcoming interview date, tomorrow’s presentation, the result day, Monday after the weekend etc. So these minor anxieties have always been misjudged and mislead to fear or depression. These tiny anxieties create nervousness but not exactly the fear. Fear initiates fight and flight response. A fine line separates the both. So anxiety is not only to haunt rather, small anxieties can be healthy and beneficial. Follow me to this side of the mirror to break the myth.

  • Daily routine anxiety helps you to focus. It concentrates the mind at a targeted task like, if your next task is to wash your car with only two buckets, the brain starts focusing and planning the ways to do it correctly.
  • Helps you to keep going in one direction, so your brain remains active unless you achieve what’s needed.
  • It speeds up the thinking process as it involves charting out the ways to get through a task.
  • It helps to release such hormones in the body which give you energy to keep going.
  • It makes you more thoughtful and less hasty.
  • Helps the brain to estimate the body’s utmost potential in unusual circumstances.
  • A study shows that people with healthy anxieties are more quick and accurate to respond in harmful situation.
  • Makes you less careless.

So, precisely, anxiety isn’t that harmful. It’s a common perception of anxiety being a beast. It’s a normal and natural body’s emotion and it happens to each and everybody at some point. It’s what keeps us going and facing  unusual circumstances. Major piece of work is to keep ourselves aware and alert to never cross the boundary and enter the territory of depression. That is where the actual trouble starts. Run with not away from anxiety. Good luck!


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