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Foods That Should Be Consumed In Winter Season

In winters, everyone feels it difficult to get out of bed in morning. Winters is harsh on your body and mind. Many of us complain of poor health and reduced productivity during the winter season. Hence, it’s important that one follows a good diet and eats proper food to remain healthy and active.

Food can play a serious role to keep you active and healthy. It’s essential to keep the body nourished during the winters. Various foods provide energy to your body and keep you moving. A nutritional diet is essential to a healthy life. Following foods will help you to become energetic and active this winter:

Sweet potato: Sweet potato, popularly referred to as shakarkandi, is a portion of winter food. It’s highly nutritious containing beta-carotene in a very high amount that enhances your immune system and provides your body the energy it requires. It also increases metabolism.

Dry fruits: These keep you warm in winters and also provide strength to your system. Dry fruits like pistachio, almonds, fig, walnuts, cashews, are rich in fibre and nutrition. People prefer consuming dry fruits in winters due to its nutritional properties. They produce energy and keep you running.

Honey: Honey is thought to be a natural energy booster. Your body absorbs the glucose in honey quickly and provides you a sudden boost of energy. It also provides strength and is extremely beneficial for your system. Honey may be a source of natural energy. It will be consumed in several alternative ways. You’ll mix honey with warm water for best results. Honey may also be consumed directly.

Beans: Green beans are a winter vegetable and have high nutritional value. It’s rich in fibre and B-complex vitamin. Green beans have several health benefits, one of which is providing energy to your body and keeping you active throughout the day.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a vital winter food. It’s very rich in fibre and may be included in your diet so your body can get an overall benefit. Oatmeal will be consumed in some ways. You’ll be able to eat it with milk or fresh fruits also. Oats also boost your immunity and provides you the strength your body needs early within the morning.

Fish, eggs and cheese: Fish, as well as milk, eggs and cheese, are an excellent source of B complex. Vitamin B12 contributes to the traditional functioning of the immune system and also contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

Soup: Soup is a perfect food for winters. Search for soup recipes that contain chicken stock, vegetable broth or water as the base and include plenty of vegetables. Pair your soup with a side of whole-grain crackers for a dose of grains.


Ms. Siddiqui is a dietitian by profession. She is likewise a content creator and writer & enamored with expounding on nourishment, health and well-being in her spare time.


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